събота, 23 ноември 2013 г.

tomtom mydrive not installing

Well, not really a Linux related post, but anyway.
I had to install tomtom's mydrive on a Windows XP machine. It couln't install for no obvious reasons. The machine had the .net 4.0 and SP3, but it was very unclear what the problem was. I tried installing it on my Sabayon with Wine and it turned out it installed just fine. It couldn't run and I thought the reason is that I don't have the .net 4.0 installed, so I did:
$­wget http://winetricks.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src/winetricks
$ bash winetricks dotnet40 corefonts
It didn't help, really, but then I checked in wine for the tomtom app. And thanks to it, I found out that 1) it won't run under wine because of " KERNEL32.dll.SetVolumeMountPointW" which has not been implemented so far.
2) You need Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 runtime to run it!
Voila! That was the problem the whole time. Since the Windows machine has been used only for browsing, nobody bothered to install Visual C on it. The tomtom app of course didn't feel obligated to report this problem, it just crashed silently leaving me scratching my head. After installing it, the app installed fine, connected the device and started updating. It still has not finished, but at least it is working.
My biggest surprise was that my Sabayon recognised the tomtom protocol (network type) and connected fine. It was unbelievable. So, that's the story for today.