вторник, 24 март 2015 г.

How to change XP language to English

Oh, well, don't ask why I had to do that.
But here is how. It works. More or less :)
How To Change Windows XP To Any Language 
Just follow the instructions.
Download SP3 in English
Change the language code in the registry to 0409
Install SP3
And well, it has English. Partially. Some things are in English, other not. But most things are actually in English, which is good. Note, it also works if you already have SP3 installed.
I hate M$.

вторник, 10 март 2015 г.

How to remove gimp association with pdf in Firefox

Quite easily, actually. Note, my only problem was that the Download manager of Firefox opened pdf-s with GIMP, otherwise, pdf-preview work ok.
So edit:
sudo nano /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache
find the line starting with:
and make sure it becomes:
Ctrl+o + enter and you're done
Of course, you can change Okular to whatever else you use to read pdfs. But I like okular.
You can check the shortcuts in /usr/share/applications to see what other pdf viewers you have.

петък, 6 март 2015 г.

How to remove remember the milk from panel

Seriously, I never believed I'll write that stupid post, but anyway.
So, I wanted to try Rember The Milk to manage to-do lists and so on.
I added it as a widget to my top panel and tested it for a while. Then I wanted to remove it.
And as unbelievable as it is, I couldn't. There was no Remove Icon/Widget in the context menu. That freaked me for a while, but in the end I managed to remove it. The only way to do it turned out to be:
 Unlock Panel -> Add a new row to panel-> Move the unwanted Icons on the new row and then Right click on Panel and choose Remove Panel.
And yeah!
Oh well. It's simple once you know it, but I actually googled removing remember the milk, then googled where KDE stores the panel data, then checked the files in question, then realized it's too complicated to edit them and came up with this solutions.
Btw, if a good app for to-do reminders is Firefox "Reminder Fox". It works, it doesn't require registration or cloud services and it's easy to uninstall. And it's ridiculously annoying. Which is the point, when you want to set up a reminder, right? :)